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Color as Muse Dunn-Edwards 2023 Color of the Year—Terra Rosa—is a deep, rosy pink hue with a touch of terra-cotta influence that exudes confidence, creativity and coziness. Reflecting just the right amount of introspection, this high chroma, cinnamon rose hue is strong, yet approachable, and acts as a refreshing… Read More about Dunn-Edwards Unveils its 2023 Color of the Year: Terra Rosa (DE5096)

February Color of the Month: Terra Rosa (DE5096)

Why Terra Rosa is February’s Color of the Month? You might be familiar with our 2023 Color of the Year, Terra Rosa (DE5096), but did you know this perfectly lovely shade of pink is also our February Color of the Month? All things… Read More about February Color of the Month: Terra Rosa (DE5096)

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Pink is a color that permeates joy and cheerful freshness. To celebrate this hue, we recently launched our 2023 Color of the Year Terra Rosa (DE5096), a deep rosy pink with a touch of terra-cotta.  And as we’re also in the season of the #Barbiecore pink obsession, let’s dive… Read More about Everything’s Coming Up [Terra Rosa] Pink

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The fall season is upon us. With this seasonal change, fresh color and design inspirations are on display across a multitude of industries — from fashion to interiors. This season’s color range is strong and optimistic, with a hint of a departure from traditional fall hues. Here are… Read More about Fall 2016 Seasonal Color Trends to Inspire